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About me

I readily admit it, I am a "photoholic."  I absolutely love to take pictures and capture memories, and help other people do the same thing.  As long as I can remember, I have had a camera strapped around my neck.  


I also love to teach.  This website/blog is dedicated to only one purpose: to tell interesting stories through my own photography and others', and hopefully teach other people how to capture and preserve their photographic history and heritage by taking better pictures.

Who is Ron Ragan

I am a Texan, raised as the small-town son of life-long Texans. I am married over 50 years to Lynda, the love of my life and probably the only woman on the planet who could put up with me.

My life has taken me and our family to far-flung places in the world where we have lived, worked and played.  My photographic memories have captured much of that life and you will see some of those images throughout my blog. Lynda and I previously lived in Europe and Africa and I have photographed my way through 20+ countries on three continents.

For almost twenty years Lynda and  I owned a photo-retail store in Tyler, TX.  Back in the day we developed film and printed pictures, did commercial photography and photographed the portraits of countless children, seniors and small business titans in the East Texas area.

It is my hope that through "Talking About Photography" I can share the photographic hopes, dreams and frustrations I hear each day from ordinary "snapshot" photographers and pros alike.

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