I am fascinated with the idea that a simple photograph can capture a stitch in time and stop it, preserving an image forever, even for generations yet to be born.


Talkingphotography is dedicated to my love for photography and all things photo related. All the content is my own and features images I have captured of people and places in many parts of the world.

My blog is full of stories and (hopefully) useful tips and hints on how to take better pictures with your own camera. 

TellUrLifeStory is a new concept for me, an experiment of sorts. The idea is to capture life stories on video and make those stories available to  persons, their loved ones, and future generations.


Navigate to the TellUrLifeStory tab. The FAQ

explains more. Reach out to me on the "Contact Page" if you have comments or questions.

MyFavs is just that, a sampling of my own personal favorite images over a lifetime of snapping pictures.


  Ron Ragan